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Revolutionizing Finance with ARYZE: Where Digital Cash and MAMA redefine security and freedom in the digital world

Digital Cash

What is Digital Cash?

Digital Cash

ARYZE's Digital Cash is the pinnacle of financial innovation—akin to the closest thing to a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), yet more flexible. This secure, versatile, and reliable digital currency alternative is designed for global use, transcending traditional and digital finance boundaries. Available for major fiat currencies and operable across various blockchains, it's backed 1:1 by government assets, offering a safeguard against credit, bank, and counterparty risks. Discover financial freedom with Digital Cash, where stability meets the future.


What ensures the security of ARYZE Digital Cash?

Digital Cash stands on the solid ground of asset backing, ensuring each eEUR, eUSD, and eGBP mirrors the stability and security of traditional government bonds. This foundational approach not only preserves the intrinsic value of your digital currency but also enhances trust and reliability, seamlessly merging the worlds of finance and technology for a future where digital transactions are as dependable as cash in hand.


How Does the Minting & Burning Mechanism Enhance Digital Cash Stability?

Aryze Digital Cash


ARYZE is ushering in a new era of financial technology with Digital Cash, a symbiosis of government-backed asset security and blockchain efficiency. Our suite of stablecoins—eEUR, eUSD, and eGBP—epitomizes reliability, each robustly underpinned by the steadfast cash value and the progressive insight of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). More than just a medium of exchange, ARYZE's Digital Cash stands as a beacon of stability and simplicity in an increasingly digital economy, offering a seamless gateway to a more ethical and dependable financial future.

Financial Security:
The Core of ARYZE Digital Cash

Embark on a journey with ARYZE Digital Cash, where every token is backed by cash or government bonds and audited for transparency and solvency by Grant Thornton. Our commitment to meticulous financial integrity ensures that each token you hold mirrors its value, fostering deep trust in our digital currency. Learn more about our robust backing practices.

Dynamic Stability:
Core of ARYZE's Minting & Burning

ARYZE's Digital Cash combines stability with market responsiveness through a precise minting and burning process. We ensure each token is asset-backed and as reliable as traditional cash yet flexible via blockchain. We maintain a zero-leverage supply, setting new stability standards for digital currencies.

For details on our Digital Cash backing, click here.

Legal Integrity and Full Compliance at ARYZE

ARYZE, based in Denmark and registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), is dedicated to compliance. Our Digital Cash, from ARYZE BVI, meets the strict legal standards of the British Virgin Islands, ensuring straightforward regulatory adherence and investment safety, as confirmed by Harney Westwood & Riegels. We prioritize legal safety in digital currency, reflecting our commitment to integrity. Discover our compliance approach.



Welcome to MAMA, the crown jewel in ARYZE’s suite of DeFi solutions, where innovation meets digital finance in perfect harmony. MAMA redefines ease in the blockchain space, facilitating instant Swap transactions, seamless asset transfers with ReForge, and straightforward digital-to-fiat conversions via our On/Off Ramp feature. As the portal to a comprehensive financial ecosystem, MAMA is tailored for the discerning modern user—unlocking a world where financial operations are transactions and experiences. Step into the future with MAMA and witness the transformation of finance at your fingertips. 


Effortless Exchange Within Reach

MAMA's SWAP feature streamlines DeFi exchanges, offering secure, easy trading of ARYZE Digital Cash like eUSD, eGBP, and eEUR. It's a transaction and a strategic tool for innovative financial engagement.


Redefining Asset Transfer

ReForge, integral to MAMA, simplifies the transfer of ARYZE Digital Cash across blockchains, removing typical complexities and ensuring secure interoperability. It offers a user-friendly way to convert Digital Cash, streamlining your navigation through the blockchain.

Discover more about ReForge.


On/Off Ramp
Bridging Digital and Fiat

MAMA's On/Off Ramp bridges digital and fiat currencies, seamlessly and securely integrating ARYZE Digital Cash with conventional finance. It provides a dependable transition between eUSD, eGBP, eEUR, and fiat, combining digital ease with the solidity of traditional money.

Discover more about Ramp.


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