Unified stablecoin infrastructure

A fully collateralized stablecoin layer backed by real-world assets.

A variety of stablecoins and real world assets connecting to Aryze.


We choose partners who share our vision of transforming digital finance for everyone.

The liquidity unifier

Meet $RYZE

$RYZE unifies all the Aryze stablecoins’ liquidity, and benefits from exposure to the backing assets’ yield.

Aryze Token 3D

Join the Aryze

Aryze would be nothing without its thrilling community of builders, investors and explorers. Join them to enjoy exciting opportunities!

3,000+ members and counting!


Make stablecoins in days, not years.

Deploy your native cross-chain stablecoin with shared liquidity and revenue.

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Illustration showing Aryze 1:1 collateral management

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Safety at core

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